California, with its large population and abundance of tribal casinos, remains without legal real-money online casino or sports betting sites due to the influence Native American tribes hold over its gambling landscape and do not want this expansion to occur.

California residents can now enjoy legal online slot and table gaming for virtual credits at social casinos as well as participating in daily fantasy sports activities.


California is widely considered a gambling mecca due to its card houses, lotteries, and Native American casinos; however it has yet to legalize online gambling. Players still enjoy accessing casino games offered by offshore operators which are located outside the US but still regulated by government bodies – the California Gaming Control Commission’s Bureau of Gambling Control works with these sites to ensure compliance.

State-regulated online gambling legislation in California is unlikely to be introduced any time soon, given that California lawmakers, tribal leaders and poker room operators all have different agendas and priorities that make reaching an agreement difficult. Sports betting has become more mainstream; perhaps California could regulate this industry to stop losing tax revenue to Nevada by regulating sports wagering tax revenue to California instead. But this would likely require two-thirds vote from both houses of legislature and voter referendum – until then online casino players should avoid real money playing real casino.


California’s state gambling laws are outdated and do not address online gaming; however, residents can play real money gambling at licensed cardrooms and tribal casinos across the state. No-limit Texas hold’em poker is one of the more popular no-limit texas hold’em variants popular amongst California residents; skill-based games such as video poker or keno may also be played legally for amusement or prizes. California offers a self-restriction program where gamblers may sign up for one year or life to restrict themselves from participation in gambling industry activities – this program also covers skill-based skill based games like video poker keno legal to be played legally for amusement or prizes! California offers a self-restriction program where gamblers may opt out from participating in gambling industry activities permanently or temporarily.

Although efforts have been made, attempts at legal online casino gambling in California have met with fierce resistance from tribal members and residents, making any changes to California’s gambling law unlikely any time soon. Meanwhile, you can still experience all of the fun and excitement of real money casino games by visiting a social casino site.


For anyone wishing to offer online casino gambling games in California, obtaining a license from their gambling commission is required. As this can be a complex process, seeking assistance from qualified professionals may be wise. In order to begin this process, submit an application with proof of financial stability as well as provide proof of security measures in place and submit an application fee payment as part of this application process.

California stands out as being among the more liberal states when it comes to legal gambling options; however, not all forms are available here. Casinos, lotteries, poker rooms and horse racing are permitted; however real money online gambling or sports betting aren’t yet legalized here.

California does not prohibit online sports betting; however, operating such a site within its borders is unlawful due to UIGEA which prevents financial institutions from processing payments related to such gambling activities. Thankfully, in 2018 the Supreme Court overturned PASPA and this could open up opportunities for legal sports gambling within California’s borders.

Games offered

Although there are numerous online casino games available in California, real money gambling is illegal. If you want to play for fun without risking real money gambling, social casinos or free-to-play games provide safe ways of enjoying gambling while providing fair chances at winning and supporting responsible gaming practices through links to organizations which help manage one’s gambling habits.

California boasts 69 tribal casinos and 100 licensed card rooms that provide Class II (bingo, poker) and Class III gaming (slot machines and house-banked cards), respectively. California’s gaming industry generates $8 billion yearly; legal online sports betting could add another $3 billion. Unfortunately, due to California’s political environment and various parties’ interests making passage of legislation challenging. Two measures designed to legalise regulated sports betting were defeated by tribal entities who opposed them as an attack on their autonomy; leaving lawmakers and industry leaders dismaffected.