Home health care services can be an invaluable asset to individuals in need of assistance with daily activities, from bathing assistance to medication reminders. Home care can also often be cheaper than hospital stays or long-term care facilities – however they can become a significant financial strain; Humana offers convenient yet cost-effective home health care options to its members that may make this solution possible. In this article we’ll look at what options Humana provides as well as their cost.

Home health care costs can vary widely between providers, making comparisons important when selecting one. When looking for home care providers, make sure they have been accredited by either the Joint Commission or Community Health Accreditation Program – such certifications ensure high standards of quality care are being delivered by them. Finally, check if they’re covered under your health plan.

Medicare benefits provide coverage for many of the home health care services you might need, such as limited home health aide services for short periods if medically necessary, as well as home healthcare supplies and equipment like wheelchairs and walkers. Medicare Advantage plans from Humana typically also include coverage for home healthcare services.

Humana is expanding its telehealth presence as part of their home health care offerings, recently purchasing Kindred as a leading provider. This acquisition shows the increasing relevance of telehealth in home care industry while showing their dedication to offering accessible high-quality healthcare to all.

Humana offers home health care options designed to improve both your physical health and well-being, making a significant impactful statement about their dedication. You can visit their website or call the number printed on the back of your Medicare card for more information about available care management solutions and answer any queries that arise from there. They even have care managers on staff to guide through all available choices while answering any inquiries that arise from there.

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