Game of Thrones Slots brings the HBO series to life through an online slots game, inviting players to select their house and aim for the Iron Throne. With four different sets of free spin bonuses and an engaging social element pitting players against each other for epic rewards, this 243 ways-to-win slot guarantees epic fun for everyone involved!

Playing Game of Thrones Slots is simple and accessible with its tap to spin feature and autoplay function that speeds up manual spins. There are three coin values and Quick Spin functionality to select as well as between 10 and 100 automatic spins available via Quick Spin option. In addition, five paylines can be activated simultaneously – higher value symbols offering up to 25x stake payout for five on a payline!

The game’s music is inspired by its TV show counterpart, with an atmospheric tone. Furthermore, its hourly and daily rewards keep players hooked – its ease of gameplay and nostalgia contributing significantly to its widespread appeal.

Socializing within the game is equally captivating, with players competing against one another for incredible rewards. The top three players on the leader board earn coins or Knights of the Seven Kingdom Points which can then be redeemed against free spins on one of many Domination machines. Plus there’s even an exciting weekly league where top-performing houses earn prizes for their faction!

Game of Thrones slots offers an interactive chat feature, enabling players to invite friends and strategize together at any time, even while spinning free games. They can also work together towards unlocking the Social Jackpot Trail’s progressive reward track that provides massive amounts of Coins when all house members participate.

Before investing real money into any game, trying out its demo version first is always fun! Available for both Android and iOS phones alike, the app provides a great way to experience all that the Seven Kingdoms has to offer from home!

Game of Thrones Slots is a free-to-play video slot game with in-app purchases for additional content and currency. Featuring both classic casino game mechanics and never-before-seen social features, it provides an engaging, immersive experience for fans of all ages – Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and the other characters of Westeros will join forces on their journey towards glory!