Many have heard the myth that slot machines are fixed, but is this really the case? When calculating casino returns, these figures do not include how much money was lost on any specific machine; rather they represent an electronic record of how much bankroll was lost over an extended period – from one session through months of gambling or years if needed.

Casino return percentage is determined by multiple factors, such as the probability of hitting certain symbol combinations and their weighting on the reels. Weightings on reels are determined by multiplying probabilities that those stops appear by how often someone spins; it will differ for every player and it is impossible to know whether one machine is loose or tight due to no correlation between play time on a machine and payout or returns that occur later.

Slots may also be manipulated through “taste”, the practice of setting aside funds to pay out jackpots and prizes – keeping players seated while betting even when they aren’t winning is known as this tactic and was more prevalent with electromechanical slots, though less so now with modern video slot machines.

Some manufacturers design their slot machines so that jackpots appear larger than they actually are, by restricting how often a jackpot can be won and making sure it can only ever be won once per session. Although this often violates state gaming laws, casinos still employ this tactic in order to attract attention and keep customers coming back.

Attracting attention to machines involves “rolling up” winning jackpots – this involves playing sound effects while the meters on a slot machine count up the amount won, drawing in passersby like in Las Vegas casinos or online slot games.

Finding a slot machine with high payouts requires knowing exactly what you are searching for. One way of testing out a machine’s payout potential is to put in some money before spending anything; test out several machines until one works as you expect and then move on if not! Doing so helps avoid being scammed or taken advantage of by unscrupulous casinos and gaming forums or magazines who publish information on payout percentages but this information could be misleading and YouTubers sometimes claim certain machines are tight or loose but this has no scientific backing behind these claims made on YouTubers channels or forums!