The Numbers Game lottery game of Massachusetts offers prizes ranging from several thousand dollars up to the jackpot prize pool of millions each year. Tickets cost only $1 each and are sold across thousands of locations statewide, regularly returning over $1 billion every year in prizes to players across all 50 states competing for larger jackpots. Massachusetts was first state to offer lottery games featuring sports team logos as well as participate in multi-state drawings that allowed players from other states to compete for larger jackpots simultaneously.

The game itself is relatively straightforward: Players select four numbers between 0 and 9 from a selection pool of nine numbers between 0 and 9, hoping that their selections match those drawn during each drawing. Furthermore, this game offers several similar to sports-style prop bets in that players bet on how often specific numbers repeat during drawings; three matching numbers during one drawing pay out at 2,500:1 odds as the jackpot prize.

In general, The Numbers Game is a more traditional draw lottery game available in Massachusetts than many of its counterparts. Most other options require winners to match certain amounts of numbers before receiving payouts; others offer incrementally larger rewards as more numbers are matched successfully. Conversely, The Numbers Game rewards those who correctly predict at least some number during each drawing session and it is even available outside Massachusetts through third party vendor Jackpocket.