The Daniel fast is a short-term eating plan based on the Bible that is designed to bring you closer to God and increase spiritual strength, while simultaneously improving your health by eating foods low in calories and rich with nutrients. Dietary guidelines can vary, though there may be restrictions based on Daniel who only consumed water during his fasts.

On the Daniel Fast diet, only water and freshly squeezed juice are permitted as beverages. Tea, even herbal varieties, contain too much caffeine for inclusion; caffeine acts as a stimulant that increases heart and nervous system activity as well as increasing cortisol levels which leads to weight gain and insulin resistance which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Herbal teas are composed of plant roots, stems and flowers infused with hot water for infusion. Some varieties may also incorporate dried herbs. After infusing, these ingredients should be steeped for several minutes or longer according to your recipe – you may add sweeteners such as honey or stevia for additional sweetness – adding lemon zest can add even more zest!

If you plan on including herbal tea in your Daniel Fast, ensure its ingredients are natural and organic. Also check for preservatives if taking medications or pregnant or breastfeeding; certain herbs could interact with certain drugs or put you at risk of preterm labor.

Limit the amount of tea you drink throughout the day as excessive caffeine consumption can disrupt sleep and worsen anxiety and depression, interfering with metabolism processes as well. Therefore, to achieve healthy weight, avoid this beverage.

Be sure to drink enough water during the Daniel Fast to prevent dehydration. Water and other non-caffeinated drinks contain electrolytes which help your body regulate temperature while maintaining fluid balance and maintaining fluid equilibrium.

The Daniel Fast isn’t intended to be used as a weight-loss plan, yet some individuals do find they shed extra pounds while on it, according to Loma Linda University Health. Additionally, this diet may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels for added benefits.

As part of your Daniel Fast diet, be sure to eat an array of fruits and vegetables. Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that provide energy boosts; vegetable provide essential fiber, B12 and iron supplements; however certain varieties may contain saturated fat so be wary when selecting vegetables from stores like Costco. It’s also wise to check that canned or frozen options don’t contain added sugars.