A great herbal tea should meet all of your needs – be they relaxation, better sleep or relieving cold symptoms. In a recent poll by Voice Your Choice, over 1000 members reported drinking herbal and fruit teas for various purposes: to relax (68%), reduce caffeine consumption (36%), aid digestive discomfort or headache (29%) or assist weight loss (5%).

Many varieties of tea contain compounds that may aid digestion or reduce the frequency and severity of colds, making regular consumption all the more beneficial to health and wellbeing. The more often you drink tea, the greater its effect may be.

Tea has long been used in traditional medicine and modern scientific research demonstrates its medicinal qualities. If you prefer something less stimulating than coffee, an herbal blend containing chamomile and lavender – both known for their stress relieving properties – might be ideal. Or if digestive issues are bothering you, peppermint and ginger can ease stomach cramps, reduce flatulence and stimulate the digestive tract – two powerful ingredients!

Lemongrass is an abundant source of antioxidants and other essential nutrients that contribute to overall good health, including anti-inflammatory compounds, natural antidepressant benefits, sinus relief from congestion and relief from sinus pain and congestion, vitamin C content. Our most popular herbal tea, Atomic Gold combines lemongrass with turmeric, ginger, licorice root and orange peel for an invigorating cup made without chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals as a warming and satisfying drink made using 100% organic lemongrass grown in India.

If you need an immune boost, chrysanthemum flowers, hibiscus, rose hips and echinacea can provide just what’s needed to reduce cold symptoms. Plus, these remedies contain vitamins A, C and E as well as calcium, iron magnesium potassium – making these remedies an excellent natural way to fight illness!

For a soothing night time tea experience, choose from our herbal sleep blends. Peace combines soothing herbs like chamomile, lavender spearmint and ashwagandha to aid with anxiety, insomnia and restless sleeping patterns. Or try Night Time Berry tea; its restorative blend of rich berries, chamomile and valerian root will soothe both mind and body while you rest easy before falling asleep.