Many people struggling with gambling addiction find that withdrawing from online casino games is the first step toward recovery, though it may prove challenging. The temptation to gamble can often be too great, and compulsive gamblers often feel ashamed and guilty for their addiction – prompting them to hide it from friends and family members. Gambling blocking software such as the Freedom app may provide one more barrier between yourself and potentially harmful gambling websites.

What Is Self-Exclusion? Self-exclusion is a voluntary program that allows you to restrict yourself from gambling sites, casinos and land-based establishments for an indefinite or set period of time – from one year up to lifelong – without risk of gambling winnings being lost during that period.

United States gambling addicts can access various self-exclusion programs designed to address gambling addiction. Some programs are state-wide while others may focus on specific casinos or operators; certain programs even enable you to self-exclude from multiple gambling websites simultaneously.

Those struggling with gambling addiction should first understand its source before seeking treatment if necessary. Gambling addiction typically arises from an imbalance in brain chemistry triggered by small wins releasing dopamine, creating an addictive cycle. Therefore, seeking professional assistance as well as taking other preventative steps are imperative in order to stay gambling addiction-free.

Reducing gambling addiction requires taking several steps, and while the process can be daunting, remembering that recovery happens best through connection is essential for growth. Opening up about your struggle may be hard but essential to beginning the road to recovery. For more information about what steps should be taken if you have a gambling problem read Uberto Mondolfi’s article here at Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana Florida: NCC, CAP and NCGC II Primary Therapist at Lucida Treatment Center

While you can choose to self-exclude from specific websites or venues, a global self-exclusion program may also be an option. Managed by third parties, these schemes provide protection from all major gambling sites as well as gaming apps and social media. For more information on this form of self-exclusion visit GamCare’s website.