Many people picture medical care in terms of sterile exam rooms and white lab coats. Yet an increasing trend among individuals to seek an holistic health approach that integrates mind, body and spirit is known as holistic healthcare and seeks to heal the whole person rather than treat symptoms individually. Such approaches might include yoga and meditation practices along with nutrition or herbal remedies – or ancient healing techniques like Acupuncture or Ayurveda that fall under this umbrella category.

A PCP with a holistic health approach will take a comprehensive approach when developing your treatment plan, taking into account all aspects of your life, such as lifestyle and behavior, environment, social circumstances and what matters to you most. They then use their knowledge to promote overall wellness across mind, body and soul.

Licensed doctors offering holistic health care may specialize in different fields. Osteopathic doctors, for instance, focus on bones and muscles of the body to treat issues like arthritis and nerve pain; naturopathic physicians specialize in natural medicine by using herbal supplements and other natural treatments on their patients; while chiropractics specialize in spine health conditions.

Holistic healthcare providers typically work in partnership with your other medical providers to form an interdisciplinary team focused on your wellbeing. Holistic practitioners are trained to explore potential underlying causes of your symptoms instead of treating just their surface symptoms, for instance naturopathic doctors often prescribe vitamins or herbs known to ease anxiety and depression as well as providing strategies that you can use yourself to cope with them independently.

Holistic practitioners take into account both mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your spiritual well-being when treating you holistically, which includes any beliefs or values you rely on for strength or guidance. Spirituality plays an integral part of wellness; when out of balance it could have serious repercussions for both physical and emotional well-being.

As we consider all aspects of overall wellness, holistic healthcare has grown increasingly popular. If you’re interested in finding a holistic doctor, do your research and investigate their education, training, specialties and hospital affiliations before making your choice. Also discuss their healing philosophy before making your final choice – finding someone you feel comfortable and respected by is key! Contact Family Medicine & Geriatric Center of Edinburg Texas now to arrange an appointment – let us be part of your journey towards wellbeing!