SEO (search engine optimization) is an engaging yet lucrative digital marketing practice, used to boost businesses’ organic search ranking. Digital agencies specializing in SEO may find themselves needing new clients in order to grow and sustain revenue streams. There are various proven techniques for finding new SEO clients ranging from content promotion and cold outreach.

Establishing expertise in your niche can be the key to winning new SEO clients. By publishing industry-leading blog posts and case studies, you can demonstrate to prospective clients your knowledge. This helps build trust between yourself and prospects who may hire you for their SEO campaigns.

Networking can also be an excellent way to find new SEO clients. Attending local conferences and networking events are excellent opportunities to meet prospective clients that could use your services, while attending SEO workshops and webinars can also be great ways to reach out and meet potential new ones – many times free events offer the perfect environment in which to do this.

Finally, online forums can also help you attract SEO clients. By answering questions on popular SEO forums and building up an authoritative reputation as an expert, you can establish yourself as an authority figure and gain new leads. Furthermore, posting detailed articles to these forums can drive traffic back to your website while simultaneously creating leads.

Before approaching prospective clients with pitches or proposals, it’s essential that you understand their needs and expectations in order to avoid spending your time and resources on low-value projects that won’t provide significant returns on investment. When reaching out to prospective clients it’s wise to have a firm grasp on who your ideal client profile (ICP) represents so that outreach efforts reach the correct people.

Conduct market research to better understand your ICP. Tools like Spyfu can be particularly helpful for this, identifying businesses spending on PPC ads as this gives an indication of both their budget size and knowledge about digital marketing.

Another effective strategy for finding new SEO clients is targeting businesses in the Goldilocks zone. These businesses already show promise when it comes to organic search rankings but could benefit from further improvements – and moreover they likely have a reasonable budget that allows for an SEO campaign and results payment.

Once you have your list of prospective clients in hand, the next step should be reaching out. You may do this via email or phone depending on the nature of the prospect being targeted; when calling prospective clients by phone be sure to use friendly yet professional language when communicating. Attempt to connect at an ideal time.