There are various approaches you can take to improving your SEO on Google, but a comprehensive approach may often prove most successful. Even small changes can have a substantial effect on results you see; and there are plenty of cost-effective strategies out there for increasing traffic without spending an enormous amount of time or money.

An effective title> tag is one of the cornerstones of on-page optimization. It will appear in search engine results when someone clicks on your page, and also be displayed when someone visits it directly from Google or Bing. Your title tags should be short, descriptive and contain your keywords to rank for as well as include a call to action to draw visitors into visiting your website.

On-page optimization refers to any changes you make to your website that directly influence its organic search results, such as increasing loading speed, optimizing images and creating an intuitive site structure for users.

Content marketing is another aspect of on-page optimization that should not be neglected, consisting of producing high-quality and targeted content for your target audience that features keywords you are optimizing for. Doing this helps establish you as an authority in your field while simultaneously drawing in links from other websites which will boost your ranking in search results.

Finally, it’s essential to bear in mind that while certain SEO factors correlate to higher rankings, not all factors are equal. Studies have revealed that pages with longer words tend to rank higher in search engines – however this doesn’t necessarily equate to being better; Google may simply be prioritizing pages that meet searcher intent better by offering more content per word count.

There are various other factors that can have an effect on your SEO, such as using proper internal linking, making sure your site is mobile-friendly, and avoiding duplicate content – however by taking an all-encompassing approach to on-page optimization you could witness significant increases in search engine rankings over time.