SEO rankings depend on many different elements, from keywords and page titles to internal links and social media. Many don’t realize social media can also have an effect on search engine rankings; here we explore ways social media can boost seo efforts.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to increasing SEO; rather, your strategies depend on your unique business and goals. But here are a few general best practices that may help get you underway:

Keywords, or search words and phrases, are used by search engines when users look for information online. When creating content, make sure to incorporate relevant keywords into its title and body so search engines can better find and rank it in their results pages. This will also increase traffic.

Create Unique, Shareable Content

A key aspect of SEO is producing quality original content. Providing your audience with useful, valuable, and informative pieces will enable them to take steps toward solving their problems and taking action – this can be accomplished via blog posts, infographics or videos that demonstrate your industry knowledge or expertise – also driving website traffic and improving SEO results.

Make sure your content is optimized for SEO

In order to maximize SEO on your site, add descriptions and alt text for every image on it – this allows search engines to index them more easily – which will boost SEO. Likewise, making sure your title tags are relevant and descriptive will also contribute towards increasing its performance.

Make your pages easy for visitors to navigate Navigating links are an integral component of making sure visitors can quickly locate what they’re searching for on your site. Incorporating keyword-rich anchor texts may hurt SEO; therefore, linking related pages within your own website could boost it significantly.

Though it may seem counterproductive, periodically refreshing content can actually increase SEO rankings. Search engines use how frequently a site is updated in their algorithms to rank it accordingly; so if your old material no longer generates traffic or marketing qualified leads, it may be time for some major upgrades.

As well as optimising your website for search, social media optimization is also key for SEO. This includes having an accurate and descriptive profile picture, linking directly to your website and taking advantage of platform-specific features like hashtags and geotags. An active, updated, engaging social media presence provides potential customers with a better view of your company and encourages them to visit your website, while Google uses social signals such as likes and shares when ranking websites and content.