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Your happiness depends heavily on the way you view life, yourself, and others. Explore research-backed strategies you can implement immediately to increase levels of joy, peace of mind and self-esteem.

Hey Sunny blog is ASU’s chatbot Sunny’s advice library for students. Here, you can find healthy recipes, motivational posts and advice for reaching goals – plus much more!

Healthy Recipes

Sunny Fit Life is Sunny’s blog where she strives to empower women and moms everywhere to be their best versions. She does this through providing natural health tips, DIY remedies, mental health encouragement and healthy recipes suitable for the whole family. As a health and wellness coach she works directly with women – often midlife women looking for ways out from what has become “normal”, by living according to their true values instead.

Health Hacks

Sunny Blog is your one-stop resource for natural health tips, DIY remedies, healthy recipes and mental health support. Established by Sunny Riggs – wife and mother of two – this wellness site strives to encourage women of all ages and stages to live the healthiest versions of themselves.

Lifestyle hacks are simple strategies designed to enhance your daily life in terms of health and happiness, such as placing keys in the same spot each day to avoid losing them, or scheduling regular sleep periods to optimize wellbeing. Incorporating mindfulness wellness hacks into your routine can help clearer thinking, better health outcomes and overall happiness; so what are you waiting for? Make time today to add mindfulness wellness hacks into your routine life!

Goal Setting

Goal setting can help motivate individuals and your entire team. Setting and tracking personal and company-driven objectives provides an excellent opportunity to offer feedback to other members on their progress.

Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound (SMART) so they’re easy to measure and track. Breaking longer-term goals down into manageable tasks may also be useful in order to avoid procrastination and maintain momentum.

As with setting goals, make sure the ones you set are tailored to your interests and abilities. If a particular goal proves challenging to attain, this could indicate either lack of commitment or self-efficacy (both highly predictive of performance), which ultimately brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction when reached; moreover, challenging goals provide extra motivational boost to learn new skills while accomplishing them!