what ohio lottery game has the best odds

When it comes to choosing an Ohio lottery game with optimal odds, there are various considerations. First and foremost should be the type of game; each type has its own set of odds; for instance a local lotto with smaller prizes often offers better odds than national games like Powerball. Furthermore, you should keep in mind the jackpot size – if you want big winnings opt for one with larger jackpots.

Ohio offers more than just traditional draw games; the state also features several scratch-off games. One such scratch-off game, Rolling Cash 5, features a jackpot that increases until there is a winner; its top prize stands at $100k – certainly enough to change lives, yet still represents an attractive amount of money!

Another way to increase your odds is through playing lottery pools. A lottery pool consists of several people buying tickets together and then splitting any winnings if any are successful winners. It is an ideal solution for those without much time for ticket purchases or who simply want more chances at success – there are numerous lottery pool options online.

Ohio Lottery was first launched in 1973 and has contributed billions of dollars toward education programs across Ohio since. As the second-largest lottery in America and first to provide college student scholarships, this lottery also offers second chance promotions for tickets that remain unclaimed.

Visit the Ohio lottery’s official website to learn all of this and more. There you will find a wealth of information, such as winning numbers for every drawing and an exhaustive list of available games; plus there’s even an app available to scan and check tickets!

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices, offering users an enhanced lottery experience whether playing in-person or online. Users can access rewards, review ticket history, locate lottery partners and access their rewards effortlessly – it’s a free download on both platforms that’s simple to use!