Cold brew herbal tea is the ideal beverage to replace soda, energy drinks and fruit juice in terms of refreshing, low calorie beverages packed with antioxidants and easily customizable according to mood or taste buds! Plus it can easily be customized with fruits, citrus, herbs or spices!

Cold brewing herbal tea is the best way to extract all of its benefits, and getting the most from your herbs. Allowing flavors and aromas to slowly infuse over an extended period allows the tea’s smooth flavors and aromas to emerge without the acidity that often results from steeping too quickly or too iced teas. Plus, this process also preserves all of their therapeutic benefits!

This method is especially suitable for steeping bitter-tasting teas such as rooibos and yerba mate, which can become bitter if steeped too quickly or in hot water. Due to the absence of heat in brewing processes, there’s less risk for oversteeping which is one of the primary problems when creating traditional iced tea beverages.

Make herbal tea using this technique using herbs like hibiscus, rose, lemon balm and lavender to relax both body and mind. This method works particularly well when trying to ease headaches or relax body and mind simultaneously. Flash brewing – boiling to kill bacteria quickly before drinking – kills these calming herbs effectively; flash brewing is often used on loose leaf tisanes found at health food stores as well as green tea varieties like cat springs yaupon and oolong which haven’t typically flash brewed.

Making cold brew herbal tea is easy! Just fill a large pitcher or jar with purified water mixed with your preferred herb(s). Refrigerate and enjoy your morning cup o’ tea! Cold brew can be stronger than standard cups of tea; take your time in testing out how much strength suits your tastes before adding extra water or ice to dilute it as needed if necessary – we advise getting to know your cold brew first before doing anything further with it.

When making loose leaf tea, quality leaves are absolutely key. Avoid those that resemble dried salad or that are low quality as these will have less flavor and aroma. Also when creating cold brew, avoid using ice cubes as this dilutes its flavor; adding citrus juice such as lemon or lime instead can add depth of flavor – you could even sweeten with honey, stevia or sugar if serving to children; however to prevent allergies developing it is wiser to keep the tea unsweetened and on the cooler side as this helps avoid potential allergies from developing.