Since smoking laws have tightened up, more people are looking for noncombustible ways to get their “fix”. This trend has given rise to herbal blends which can provide energy boost, mood enhancer or even induce highs when smoked.

Tea is an immensely popular drink, yet few consider it as an option for getting high. But certain herbal tea varieties contain caffeine, L-theanine and other entheogens which can produce an enjoyable high; green tea provides the highest concentrations of both these euphoric compounds.

Smoking tea mixes is not new; it has long been utilized for medicinal and ceremonial uses across multiple cultures worldwide. One method for smoking tea involves crumbling leaves into a powder form before rolling them up and lighting. Some individuals add other herbs to enhance the experience or produce different results.

Chamomile is an extremely relaxing ingredient and its antispasmodic properties make it a go-to herbal smoke mix ingredient, helping with digestive issues, menstrual cramps, and other GI symptoms. Furthermore, it has a sedative effect which may aid insomnia or anxiety relief.

Matcha, another herb often smoked, boasts an abundance of antioxidants and amino acids to provide a calming energy boost, aid concentration and memory processes, and alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety or stress. It’s an ideal option for those trying to quit cigarettes or seeking alternatives that won’t harm their lungs.

Smoking tea may or may not be safe depending on how it is prepared and what other ingredients are included in its blend. While smoking tea may not be as harmful to lungs as smoking cigarettes, it still could harm them over time and pose potential long-term health problems. Therefore, only use organic herbs in your mixture without tobacco or nicotine added in.

There are plenty of healthy alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Many people turn to using herbs like kratom, stevia and indica instead as replacement for tobacco cigarettes, grown organically with therapeutic benefits that help improve overall wellbeing.

At its core, smoking anything, including herbal tea, will still do damage to lungs and overall lung capacity. Since tobacco smoke contains harmful chemicals that are toxic for bodies, finding an alternative that’s less damaging is important in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. Though replacing one unhealthy habit with another might seem tempting at first, doing so can create long-term health complications that require serious consideration before making decisions based on impulse alone.