People attend sporting events for various reasons – from watching their team win to socializing and cheering alongside friends or strangers – but it may not always be apparent the security measures implemented during these massive events in order to ensure everyone remains safe.

One prominent example is from the 2012 Super Bowl, when photos emerged quickly of a SWAT sniper perched above Lucas Oil Stadium. Although some may find this startling, having SWAT snipers at large events like football games is actually fairly standard procedure; having these guards ensure both fans and players remain protected against terrorist activities that might threaten safety in today’s unpredictable environment.

NFL games draw massive crowds of fans and celebrities alike, drawing thousands of snipers to these events to ensure nothing goes amiss – including celebrities, politicians and public figures like politicians and public figures who may attend as guests of honor. Additional security measures may be implemented such as multiple gates, strict bag checks, X-ray machines and pat-downs for public figures attending these events; police snipers often attend training programs such as those provided by Really Right Stuff or HOG Saddle to learn better handle their duties at these events.

These courses typically cover topics like preparing for overwatch, identifying targets from prone and kneeling positions, the need to coordinate with air assets, dismounting rifles quickly with accuracy up to 300 meters, dismounting and deploying rifles quickly dismounted quickly to ranges up to 300 meters, as well as using special mounts that allow them to rotate and adjust scopes as required for different situations.

Police and military personnel are deployed as quick reaction force teams (QRFs), responsible for responding quickly to any critical incidents during games. Snipers also play an integral role in safeguarding games by acting as quick reaction force teams; their main duty is sniper protection.

Porto City Hall has deployed an extra large police presence for this weekend’s Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City to deal with anticipated crowds, deploying QRFs as well as regular police officers for patrol. They are on standby to assist fans who might require assistance such as taking injured or sick fans to medical facilities or transporting injured individuals to medical facilities. The City has deployed this large security presence so fans are safe.

Even with all these precautions in place, mass shootings and terrorist attacks still happen – this is why sports events include safety precautions like snipers and armed security guards at entrances; such measures protect fans and players alike while helping ensure events run smoothly.