what sporting events are happening today

A Guide to What Sporting Events Are Happening Today

Purchases made via links on this page may result in us receiving a commission; pricing and availability subject to change. Below is a daily updated guide detailing what sporting events are taking place today and where you can watch them, using each streaming provider’s schedule as a basis. This should help inform decisions on what’s the best way for you to watch sports both live on TV and online.

Here we showcase some of the world’s most breathtaking sporting events that will leave you gasping for air. These monumental spectacles not only unite people worldwide under a common banner of healthy competition but push human achievement further still and showcase truly amazing moments that are sure to become legendary.

Each major sporting event provides something special for fans to get excited about, from thrilling matches and heart-stopping finishes, to stunning halftime shows and incredible achievements – there is sure to be something exciting at each major sporting event on Earth. While tickets might not always be easy to come by, there are ways you can still watch live from your own home!

City fans love New York for its historic teams and passionate fan bases – whether that means cheering on their beloved Giants and Jets from National Football League (NFL), the Yankees and Mets from MLB, Brooklyn Nets of NBA or New York City FC from Major League Soccer (MLS). There is something here for every sports fan here in NYC; from historic teams with dedicated followership to stadiums where sports enthusiasts gather to support their athletes live!

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