Forex trading is an attractive means for individuals to make money, as it involves buying and selling currencies based on their market value. IM Academy promises to teach individuals how to become proficient traders through its wide variety of educational resources and tools; however, due to recent allegations related to this company’s practices it’s wise to carefully evaluate any associated costs or potential drawbacks before making your decision about joining it.

Since 2013, IM Academy has offered educational courses and resources for individuals looking to trade on the Forex market. Through MLM programs, individuals can also earn income by recruiting others to market the company’s services and recruiting others into recruiting them themselves. While some have reported positive experiences with IM Academy, others have complained of scams or lack of support; ultimately success depends on an individual’s commitment and skill levels rather than any educational platform provided by this provider.

Christopher Terry is the Founder of IM Academy, a network marketing company selling trading education and mentoring programs. With experience at companies like Amway and Zeek Rewards (which eventually collapsed as a Ponzi scheme), Christopher Terry also had a background in construction management before deciding to leave his position to pursue Forex trading full time.

Trading Forex since the early 1990s, he was able to amass an impressive amount of wealth through part-time work alone. After reaching his goal, he decided to share his knowledge by teaching small groups of traders as well as speaking at conferences and events around the globe.

This company specializes in training traders how to employ various strategies and tools in order to increase their profitability, and emphasize the significance of developing a trading plan and practicing risk management. Furthermore, this firm trains traders how to interpret price charts and recognize market trends.

Mastering forex trading may take time and effort. For the best results, invest in a comprehensive training program from experienced traders as well as practice on demo accounts before investing real money.

IM Academy is an excellent option for individuals seeking additional income through forex trading. However, it should be remembered that forex trading is a high-risk investment which could cause you to incur losses. Therefore, only trade with money that you can afford to lose. Additionally, you should stay up-to-date with market news and events to help make informed trading decisions without making hasty ones. Risk management techniques, including limiting leverage and using stop-loss orders should also be practiced regularly to maximize profits in forex trading – this is where IM Academy comes in to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for success in forex trading.

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