are there snipers at sporting events

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of sporting events and watched worldwide. Therefore, security at these high-profile events is always tight; snipers may sometimes even be deployed to monitor any potential threats to safety.

Snipers are military professionals that specialize in long range shooting. Utilizing scopes to sight their rifles and trained to identify any threats before they pose harm, these professional sharpshooters are frequently stationed at stadiums and other public venues to prevent attacks from occurring.

Professional sharpshooters will often be stationed in a sniper’s nest that towers high above the field where a game is taking place, which allows them to spot potential threats before they cause any harm to fans in attendance. Indeed, Dallas Cowboys even designed their new stadium with this capability in order to protect home games from potential danger.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, security has tightened at college football games and other major events that attract large audiences, placing snipers strategically to monitor any potential threats that could emerge at these venues.

At these events, snipers often go unnoticed by fans due to wearing tactical gear and carrying dark colored weapons which blend in with the crowd. Therefore, it is crucial that fans stay as far away from these snipers as possible and do not come close enough for their presence to be noticed by them.

If an active shooter is near, your best option for protection should be to immediately flee for cover in an irregular zig-zag pattern and run for it as quickly as possible. Avoid areas that contain flags, ribbons or other hanging objects as these could give away their presence to shooters. It is also wise to stay clear from stairs and exit routes so as to make you less of a target for gunfire.

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