what sporting events are happening today

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, not all major sporting events are taking place as regularly. Yet NYC remains a mecca for sports fans, hosting legendary teams and iconic venues at its core – home to teams like the New York Giants, Jets and Yankees of the National Football League (NFL); Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks of National Basketball Association (NBA); Rangers/Islanders from National Hockey League (NHL); as well as New York City FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).

These 10 events are sure to excite audiences around the globe with their electrifying finish lines, fierce competitions or breathtaking spectacle. Not only are these events captivating audiences worldwide, they provide an unmatched sense of camaraderie while pushing human achievement further and uniting people under one banner of healthy competition.

If you can’t attend the Super Bowl, this museum exhibit in midtown Manhattan provides an up-close view of all its memorabilia – such as championship rings and uniforms from every team competing, Katy Perry’s halftime outfit and Joe Yancey Jr and Ted Corbitt (two Black runners who helped shape marathon race into what it is today) will also be celebrated; you can learn more about them and their legacy during an exclusive event hosted by New-York Historical Society.