Fashionable clothing worn today includes any item designed with style in mind, often using fabric and cut to achieve this unique aesthetic. Fashion is constantly changing with trends resurfacing from years past; fashion can even help people express themselves by using clothes to convey how they feel to others. Fashion is more than a style though; it’s an expression of self expression through clothing – showing others your true self!

Garments generally fall into three broad categories: upper body, lower body and accessories. Popular garments for both men and women include shirts, jackets, skirts/trousers/dresses. Since 1920s shirts have been an essential piece in casual and evening wear – they come in an array of colours, patterns and fabrics suitable for any occasion or occasion – which have made shirts one of the world’s most versatile garments.

Jackets are another common clothing item seen both on the runway and high street, typically featuring a front placket with buttons that can be closed or left undone for a more relaxed look. Made of thicker fabrics such as wool or leather, jackets provide extra warmth when worn over dresses for additional warmth.

Tights can be seen on both runways and the high street. From fishnet and lace patterns to diamonds or even recycled plastic materials – tights have an array of looks perfect for creating unique looks! Additionally, recycled plastic materials have become increasingly used to reduce waste from industry processes.

Sleeves have become an incredibly fashionable garment on both runways and high streets alike. Ranging from ruffles, puffs, and frills – there’s no sign that this trend will slow down soon! Partly this may be because sleeves make for an easy one-and-done outfit which looks both chic and practical when combined with jeans or trousers.

People become interested in fashion through various sources; celebrities, political leaders and royalty all play a part. People have always been obsessed with what celebrities wear; it often influences our wardrobe choices as seen through this lens. Even as early as 1775 people would read fashion magazines to see the latest trends; season change can also have an influence, as changing leaves or flowers provide inspiration for new outfits; this trend especially resonates in today’s climate of sustainability where more individuals become conscious of their choices impacting on our environment.