The o que e whatsapp business ecosystem is growing rapidly, enabling brands to connect with consumers at scale in meaningful ways. In this article, we’ll establish the growing importance of WhatsApp across key business functions (not just marketing), showcase how some brands are leveraging the platform to build personal connections with their customers and share innovative tips for making the most of it.

WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate with your customers more efficiently than SMS, as it supports multimedia content and offers higher levels of data security and privacy. In addition, it is available on all Android and iOS devices, with full compatibility with existing messaging apps. WhatsApp Business also offers a range of additional features that can help you run your business and provide better customer service.

Using Flows, you can create interactive, ‘app-like’ customer experiences that enable customers to complete tasks like sending in leads, booking appointments or completing purchases without leaving WhatsApp. With Catalogs and Collections, you can easily share digital catalogs with your customers so they can find products or services and make decisions based on the information provided. You can even enable in-thread payments on WhatsApp* powered by Cielo or Novi, which makes it easy for your customers to make purchases directly from the app.

With these on-the-go tools, you can easily manage your business from your smartphone and achieve a work-life balance that helps you deliver the best customer experience. Getting started with WhatsApp Business is simple: upgrade your existing WhatsApp number to a WhatsApp Business account, add your team members and link their devices with Chalkboard.