In the United States, there are no national gambling age restrictions; rather, each state determines its own legal gambling age for bingo, lottery, poker and sports betting – with some states permitting 18 year olds while others only permitting those 21 or over to gamble.

Understand how these laws pertain to online gambling is crucial, as in most instances you must be 21 or over to gamble at casinos.


Legality of gambling online varies dramatically by state and type of gambling activity. As gambling laws can change frequently and be complex to interpret, it’s vitally important that you understand your local jurisdiction’s rules and regulations prior to beginning to gamble online. While minimum ages for legal gambling differ by state, most set it at 18 years.

New York state laws define 21 as the legal gambling age in New York for poker rooms and online casinos; however lottery, bingo and pull-tabs games can be played from age 18 upwards. Sports betting requires you to be 21.

Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wyoming only require individuals 18 or over to legally place a sports bet or pari-mutuel bet; anyone under 18 cannot do so even with parental or guardian approval in order to prevent underage gamblers from being prosecuted for gambling crimes.


Gambling age restrictions exist to protect people from the harmful effects of gambling. Research has demonstrated that younger gamblers are more likely to develop gambling addiction problems, so these age restrictions act to keep them safe. Furthermore, they also help businesses from taking advantage of underage gambling customers by taking advantage of them themselves.

The minimum gambling age in the US varies by state. Most require people to be 21 years old in order to participate in casino-style gambling and sports betting; however, some states have reduced it to 18 for social casinos and sweepstakes casinos.

United States online casino gambling regulations exist in six states: Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. While these states all require players to be 21 or over to play real money games online casinos that accept US residents do have different requirements when it comes to age; some don’t offer poker rooms or only video poker as alternatives.

Age restrictions

Legal gambling ages differ depending on your state, with some states permitting residents as young as 18 to gamble at casinos; other states impose a minimum gambling age of 21 due to federal government allowing individual states to regulate gambling activities and set an appropriate minimum age limit for players.

State laws designed to safeguard minors against engaging in high-risk activities like gambling are similar to laws requiring you to be 21 to purchase alcohol; states believe that young people are still developing their mental and emotional skills and any exposure to adult-oriented activities may interfere with this development process. Furthermore, gambling sites do not want to risk getting in trouble with the law by paying winnings out to underage players as this would likely result in their forfeiture; that is why it’s crucial for individuals living within your state’s borders to know the legal gambling age limits within their state borders – for every state has different requirements when it comes to legal gambling age limits when purchasing alcohol or gaming websites! It is vital that individuals know what is acceptable gambling age in your state as this can differ depending on which activities can legally gamble legally in your state! To know your state’s gambling age laws when purchasing alcohol!

Payment options

When gambling online, it is crucial that you use a payment method you trust if you want your funds to remain safe and secure. Luckily, many gambling sites provide various payment options tailored specifically for their users’ needs – from e-wallets and credit cards to cryptocurrency solutions – so that you can deposit funds easily with just one or two clicks.

Wild Casino is an ideal online casino for mobile users, as they offer services in every state across America and allow sports bettors to place bets directly from their phones – with different age requirements depending on which state it’s being conducted in.

New Jersey requires that casino visitors be 18 years or older unless the establishment serves alcohol; other states have differing age requirements for sports and pari-mutuel betting. To make sure that gambling is legal in your region, check with either your state gaming commission or casino/sportsbook/race track operators.