Unlocking and improving your game of thrones slots by collecting free coins is the key to unlocking new slot machines and improving play. In addition, there may be ways of earning bonus coins; some games offer players the opportunity to view short ads in exchange for additional Coins bonuses.

Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros, an imaginary continent divided into seven kingdoms. It follows several noble houses who engage in an elaborate war for control of the Iron Throne.


Few television shows have reached the levels of success and saturation that Game of Thrones has attained. Based on George R. R. Martin’s popular series of novels, its fan base numbers in the millions. Its themes of power, war, and intrigue have become cultural touchstones.

Microgaming’s Game of Thrones slot machine, released online casino-wide in 2014, features all seven Westeros houses as symbols and utilizes Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win prize structure for gameplay. It is an entertaining slot machine game to play that quickly hooks you!

If you want to increase your odds of winning, keep an eye out for the House Bonus feature which offers coin bonuses to players. These can be used to unlock new slots machines and enhance gameplay; with each play session that passes, your coin treasury grows further – plus additional coins may even be won through watching short advertisements!

Bonus rounds

Game of Thrones Slots Casino from Zynga is a mobile slot game featuring popular characters from the hit TV show. Players can earn coins for free by playing slot machines and completing challenges, plus take advantage of daily bonuses to build their coin stash even further.

Game of thrones slots differs from traditional slot games in that players can select which house they belong to and their own set of free spins and multipliers, such as Baratheon feature granting eight spins with 5x multiplier awarding eight spins while Targaryen feature offers 18 free spins with 2x multiplier award.

Microgaming’s 243 ways-to-win system and some of your favorite Game of Thrones characters such as John Snow, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister feature prominently. There is also a chat feature to allow for communication among friends while playing. Plus there are regularly hosted events and competitions which offer players huge rewards!


Game of Thrones coins serve as the currency that allows players to unlock new slot machines and upgrade existing ones, earn daily rewards and bonuses, participate in unique events within the game and compete for coins at special competitions that may lead to significant coin prizes – not only from spins.

Game of Thrones, inspired by both George R. R. Martin’s books and HBO show, boasts an exquisite design and special symbols that match adjacent rows and columns instead of traditional paylines. Stacked wild symbols appear across all reels to double winning combinations while there is also a gamble feature where you can flip coins to either increase your winnings or risk all your earnings; additionally it has medium volatility meaning big wins don’t always appear regularly.


Coins are essential in unlocking new slot machines and improving your play, whether through challenges and in-game activities or purchasing directly through the Iron Bank Coin Store. They can also be earned by regularly taking part in events hosted by the game; participating can bring a significant accumulation of free coins over time!

Game of Thrones Slots Casino is an innovative online slot game created by Zynga that blends traditional casino gaming with never-before-seen social features inspired by the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this slot game provides many chances for big prizes in Seven Kingdoms slot machine history! Depending on which House you belong to you can earn rewards such as Stark free spins with 3x multiplier and five stacks of direwolf sigil, Lannister bonuses with 5x multiplier or Baratheon bonuses with three stack symbols of their crowned stag sigil.