is online gambling legal in texas

Texas does not allow any form of real money online gambling at this time; however, social casinos and sweepstakes sites are permitted.

These sites allow players to compete for prizes that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards, with multiple deposit methods including Play+ cards, e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, bank deposits and others.


Although Texas is notoriously anti-gambling, some forms of gambling are permitted within its borders – with physical casinos licensed and regulated in other jurisdictions offering deposits from Texas residents as well as payment methods like PayPal being among those accepted by these sites. Online gaming however remains illegal within its borders.

Bills were proposed during the 2023 legislative session to establish legal sports betting and establish a Texas casino commission, but none passed. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick – an avid opponent of gambling – proved to be an impediment, effectively stopping its progression. Meanwhile, Texas residents can enjoy social and sweepstakes casinos; social casinos provide players with virtual tokens that can be redeemed for cash while sweepstakes casinos provide safe environments with quick withdrawal times for gamers.


Texas has had an extensive history of attempts at gambling regulation, but most attempts have been futile. There have been exceptions such as the Texas Lottery and charitable bingo games; private poker clubs operate within legal gray areas as well. But full-fledged online casinos may never be approved in Texas.

Texas residents until 2025 will have to rely on social and sweepstakes casinos for real money gaming, which offer players free casino games that they can redeem for cash or gift cards.

Websites offering casino games also provide responsible gambling tools, and accept payment methods widely used by people and backed by reliable organizations – this helps people control their betting habits and avoid gambling issues while enjoying the thrills of casino gaming while remaining legal.

Payment options

Texas online gambling offers various payment methods, from credit cards and cryptocurrency to mobile versions with access anywhere, and some sites even provide bonuses and promotions exclusive to newcomers – check the terms and conditions for each website to discover these opportunities!

Texas has stringent gambling laws that restrict gambling activities and are unlikely to legalize regulated texas online casinos anytime soon; however, residents still have options such as social casino games and sweepstakes websites to access gambling online.

These sites accept payments using Venmo, the popular mobile payment app owned by PayPal since 2013. This option can be useful for players without bank accounts and provides anonymity through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Furthermore, some offer live dealer tables for an immersive experience.


Taxes present one of the primary obstacles to online gambling in Texas. At present, gambling winnings are taxed like any other form of income and itemized deductions can only be taken against limited winnings; hence it’s essential for gamblers to monitor their gambling activities and earnings to avoid overtaxation.

While online casino gaming in Texas is unlikely, there are a few physical options. Two Native American tribes run casinos on their sovereign tribal lands; and there are even cruise ships offering casino gaming to passengers.

This year, two bills have been proposed that could legalize sports betting in Illinois. One bill proposed by Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Representative Jeff Leach would ask voters to approve a referendum vote in November on legalized sports gambling on mobile platforms; additionally it would restrict sports betting as much as possible.